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Michael Novak Illustration

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June 2012 - Michael Novak Illustrator

Shelter – WIP Initial Drawing

Here is the initial drawing. I do this all freehand to just establish the proportions. That way I can focus on other things while doing the final drawing.

Below is a closeup.

By Michael Novak

Shelter – WIP

Here is a work in progress. I’ll start with the photo reference, as all of the ideation (sketching) was either in my head or in Photoshop. I like to work digitally in the beginning, but the final is all done with traditional materials.

TheĀ first two photos (along with many others that aren’t shown) were taken a couple of day apart.

I then used Photoshop to come up with a final reference shot. I hated to lose some of the cool things about the truck, and really went back and forth on the composition. Ultimately I decided that I shouldn’t be married to “cool things” that don’t push the idea. I wanted this picture to be an intimate view of a child who was hiding from something. So below is the final result:

I also created a version with only 4 tones of gray. There was a great post about tonal design on James Gurney’s blog. Here is my result:

Tomorrow I will post my initial drawing for the final piece.

By Michael Novak