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This band is rocking my world lately. The gritty passion coupled with their honesty and vulnerability..inspiring.

Motorcycle Sketch

motorcycle sketch


A 1 minute sketch of the neighbors motorcycle.

Want Some Inspiration?

Anonymous Chalkboard Art at the Columbus College of Art and Design.


Baltimore Row House

The couple who lives in this house have been featuring artwork of many of the places they have lived. They commissioned me to paint their current home. It was a nice challenge making this visually interested.


Building the Best Tree House

I love stories like this even though it is essentially a commercial. Bringing children’s ideas to life brings so much joy to everyone.

WIP – Train Station

Another work in progress illustration. I plan some experimentation using a brush to apply charcoal on this.

Train Station - WIP2

Train Station - WIP

WIP – Listening

Listening- WIP2

Original pencil drawing for this WIP illustration.

After “living” with the orginal pencil outline for a few days, I determined that the truck didn’t have the presence that I wanted. I redrew the entire composition. Here is the first stage of charcoal after the second pencil drawing.

Listening WIP -  Sketch Detail

Andy Wakeman Photography

Excellent photographer and all around great guy featured on Communication Art’s Fresh.

featured on Communication Art's Fresh.

featured on Communication Art’s Fresh.

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